Progress of goldfinches

Except for their black "cap" the gold finches are done.
After I cut them out and sew them on the block I will do the finish work on the thistle flower and add the birds' legs. I used #3 perle to make the thistle bud and I was delighted with the results.... I can see this size thread will have lots of possibilities with stumpwork....especially needle weaving. I'm glad because I bought lots of it too in Breckenridge....

I have been alternately stitching and painting buttons in from of the fire looking after my patient.. HWCH* has a terrible cold and is totally miserable. Just hoping I don't catch it.

*Handsome, witty, charming husband

1 comment:

Ati. said...

Hi Gerry, they turned out very pretty, although they aren't finished yet. Get well greetings to DH!

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