Cougar Alert!

There's a reason our local university, WSU, has a cougar as its mascot. We live in cougar country.. And in 30 years it is the rare winter that we don't have a siting close by and then the phones start ringing. But this is the first year we have had a cougar with twins and they were spotted just up our road.

No one has ever lost any livestock because the deer are easier to kill and plentiful... But also no one wants to come unexpectedly upon a kill or let curious dogs and cats out at night. And quite often the kill is in my woods behind our house. But cougars range over a large area and they will have a meal here and move on in a day or two... The cougars eat the large meaty parts of the deer and when they move on the coyotes move in and when they finish the magpies and ravens do the clean up...


gocrazywithme said...

I found some tiny goldfinch (and other birds) ornaments at Target on Monday. They made me think of you! This block is turning out so beautiful and so full of life!

FredaB said...

Mother Nature is wonderful. The animals kill to eat then others eat what they don't then the birds and buzzards finish off the job and all are fed. It is sad to think of the deer being attacked but yet again all in the plan.

I hope man does as good a job when killing a deer.



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