Two doors close and one opens

My DIL needed some #1 knitting needles and I needed #15 beads. I had remembered a knitting shop in a tiny retail area in an old neighborhood on the northside of Spokane and there was a bead shop nearby.... but when we got there the bead shop had closed and the yarn shop had moved. But a block away in an old grocery store was a fabric shop called Sew EZ Too which we hoped might have knitting needles. From the outside it looked rather dubious.

To my total amazement they had a large area of wonderful knitting supplies and smaller areas of Edmar threads and beads and buttons and trims...and even a few FYI silk ribbons... It was an old building with lots nooks and crannies filled with surprises. They also had a large classroom and after the holidays I am going to approach them about CQ classes... Vivian found her needles and yarn and I found my #15 beads... It was nothing compared to the places in Colorado but for Spokane it is a treasure...

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Ati. said...

It would be so nice Gerry, to give your CQ skills further to other ( and maybe younger) people.
Recently I teach my neighbour sane quilting, she is 71 and is in haven with all the fabrics.She has learned in a short time very much and is very enthusiastic.

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