Bead journal birds and another block needed!!!

I'm so drawn into the bead journal project I could just start and keep going and do the whole year in a couple months... Luckily I have enough other things going to keep me on track.. But the designs for a nuthatch and a gold finch have been floating in my brain so I sketched them out and tacked them on my bulletin board ready for March and April. The little nuthatches scurry DOWN the trees head first and make me laugh at how quick and agile they are. They never stay at the feeder....just take one seed and fly off to eat it and return.

And of course now that I have all those blocks sewn and ready, everything put away and the table cleared, I realized I need a green one... The last couple years I've wanted to do a block with goldfinches and daffodils and have never had time to make a block when I think of it...... Doing this gold finch sketch was a reminder....
And of course it requires a thistle... My ALL TIME favorite motif was a thistle done by Cobi and it wasn't even on my block...but I did get to fondle it as it passed through... I loved that thistle. Isn't it just too gorgeous ?... It was on lucky Leslie's block in an encrusted RR..


Karen said...

You are so blessed to be able to sketch like that! I can't wait to follow your work on the bed project, should be alot of fun and inspiration for the new year.

Sharkeysday said...

Oh I can't wait to see our bead journal projects!
I'm so excited too and have been planning for months, but finally got started!

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