Two WIPs finished

I finished the last of the jewelry that I had pulled to do.. Try as I might I couldn't get a good shot of the one on the left. The thing that looks like a bar of soap is actually a spectacular piece of mother-of-pearl with a antique crackle finish.. All the other beads on it (besides the spacers) are MOP or freshwater pearls.... Anyway all the jewelry stuff is back in the cupboard until who knows when...because the next time Simone comes she wants to do CQ and we all know what happens when one starts to CQ.

I also hemmed up six dresses so that nasty chore that has been nagging at me for a year is done.. well mostly done. At least I don't have to show up to every event in a "little black dress."

Had a "moment of truth" on my BJP and have dropped everything else to do that.... I've been struggling with my shoulder and trying therapy which has been less than successful and this week I've had a patch with a battery and computerized chip. It continually emitted steroids into the joint at intervals... I felt like bionic woman... They will make a decision on surgery on the 4th of Feb.

Last year at this time we had ten feet of snow and this January is the fourth warmest on record.... My daffs are pushing their little noses out of the ground much too early and we even had a crossbill yesterday...

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