Beaded fan on felt

What a treat to bead on felt after struggling with the wire.  I'm happy with this fan and it is ready to cut out when I get the silky printed.. The nice thing about doing motifs on a hoop is it's so much easier than trying to bead or satin stitch over seams...  I've never been one to keep my motifs nice and tidy in a patch. 

I used up some of the beads in my tray to make some mini-fans...  I can tuck them in somewhere and add a handle to them.   There's always a spot on a block that needs a little something.  In fact I kinda like the idea of a group of mini fans and may try that on one of the encrusted DYOB blocks coming..  AND I'm thinking some of the smaller fans would make pretty cool earrings.

Wish I could stay home and stitch today but after being sick for a week and the holidays, I need to get out to the library, post office, physical therapy, bead store, and of course.......it's 99 cent tag day at my favorite thrift store.

Am I missing something?  I can't find a spell check on the new blogger upgrade...  I will miss that!


Diane said...

Gerry, the fan is lovely. Using the felt on a hoop sure looks simpler to do. And I'm with you on the spell check, I'd like it back too.

kerrykatiecakeskeb43 said...

I love this fan Gerry! You always get my mind just spinning with new ideas! Thank you!

Connie said...

I love your fan too Gerry. I think that earrings could be the start of a new fan too. Is that what you used on this one?

Robin said...

Love these fans... smart to make little ones too... as you say, always a place for them!

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