I need to vent!!!!

I know that supermarket checkers must go through some type of training and I'm wondering why it doesn't include both restraint on commenting a shopper's purchases and vegetable identification..... Since HWCH is going to be gone Friday night I am going to fix myself one of my favorite suppers...chicken livers sauteed with sherry, green onions and mushrooms.. When I went through checkout the clerk said "This must be for your cat or dog..right???" "No," I say.."it's for me." She wrinkled her nose and said "eeuuuuuuuu, you actually eat chicken livers?" followed by a little shudder... Thanks you very much for that personal opinion is what I wanted to respond..

And if I dare to buy leeks, parsnips, turnips, kale or even beets....I often get "What IS this?" and of course, followed by "What do you do with it?" followed by "eeuuuuuuuu, you actually eat ..." then a long consultation with the laminated vegetable chart like this vegetable just arrived in their store from outer space..
And while I'm at it, I really resent having to give my phone number, zip code, birthday of my first born and the name of my pet just so I can belong to their preferred shopper's "club"!!! I would like to get their specials and wander in and out of the store in complete anonymity. They probably use that information to track what I buy so they can all gather in the break room and collectively say "eeuuuuuuuu, she actually eats..."


Momma Bear said...

O dear me!
the kiddies manning the registers are a bit provincal aren't they?
of course if they have the timerity to comment on my food I may just have to comment on thier clothing!
you wear that? EEEWW!

Cynthia said...

You can imagine the response I get when I buy headcheese.

Ati. said...

:-D... it takes only a short time Gerry before they realize that potatoes grow in the mud.Than they don't eat chips anymore. LOL

~~Sittin.n.Spinnin said...

I think I would say something to the floor manager. They are supposed to be pleasant not demeaning or get personal. I think the only place I've had someone comment about my groceries was at WalMart, but it wasn't negative like that.

Carol said...

I'm with you, but you know its really just sad. If they didn't know what it is, they never ate it. Probably don't have anyone at home that can even show them how, and has never cultivated their taste for fresh vegetables at all. Very sad. Bet they never at homemade soup or stew either.
Just sad.

Karen said...

I personally believe that they get NO training!! Who says they can put my tomatoes in with canned goods and anything with my eggs!! LOL I have had shoppers behind me comment on my frozen dinners~~ "You don't cook much do you??" Gotta love people!

Robin said...

Ditto your vent ~ 100%!

Robin A.

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