We are very lucky to live in a metropolitan area that is very aggressive when it comes to recycling waste. We've had a waste-to-energy plant since 1991 which burn all non-recyclables and converts them to electricity. It still costs but does eliminate landfills. Some idiot wrote to the newspaper recently that it would be much cheaper if we hauled our garbage to the middle of state and dumped it.... The unanimous response was "That's not the point, stupid!" We not only have the waste-to-energy plant, we have large county recycling sites that takes most everything and also several "for profit" businesses that take larger metals and electronics. They make an effort to help construction and demolition sites in addition.

We, as a family, are religious about recycling and have extremely little to take to the waste-to-energy center. To be really efficient we need a pig as well as the chickens...but I'm too old to have a pig anymore although they were one of my favorite farm animals.. But in addition to separating glass, plastics, paper etc. I might add 2 things:
  • People should ask: Do I really did this?" before they buy..

  • Before you throw something away....try giving it away... I find Craigslist free section a godsend... I swear that no matter what it is...not only will someone need it and they will drive to pick it up....

This is all on my mind because we are having an unseasonably mild day and I'm heading out to the chicken house with a bowl of vegetable scraps which they will recycle into poop which I am going to clean out of the coop and dump on my little garden plot to decompose....But ran across this site http://tinyurl.com/ylfrpt8 and hope all will take time to visit it.


Anonymous said...

How wonderful you work so hard.

Another great recycling resource is Freecycle on yahoo groups They have them for each area you like in. People post what they have and you can go get it. There whole goal is to recycle things rather then throwing them out.

Thanks for doing your part!!!!

Ann Flowers

Plays with Needles said...

I just finished reading your linked article...I couldn't believe the styrofoam! Composting is on my list of things to figure out how to do this year...

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