March Bead Journal Project

This is the first time I've been in a group effort such as the BJP and ideally we're supposed to do one a month and I can't do that. I'm having the ideas NOW and want to do what's in my head... This is the red-breasted nuthatch and it can walk head first down on the side of a tree. Actually they look like they're going down head first but their feet are side stepping. I don't want the white muslin to show through behind the beads so I dye the foundation muslin in colors close to what beads will be used.

I have designs done for the goldfinch, robin and bluebird and will probably bead on all of them concurrently as the muse moves me. First I'll do all the birds....it's like eating dessert first as the birds are the most fun.


susiew said...

I know the beading will change him completely, but the design is beautiful as is. What dyes did you use? The value variation in each section is lovely.

Robin said...

I'm fine with you working ahead, going at whatever pace suits you, Gerry. However, if you'd like to stay more on track, you might want to try thinking of the journal aspects of the project a little more... try thinking about what is going on for YOU in a given month, your emotional state, your expeiences of the month, and then try to put those into your bird designs in some way. Would be a challenge... And I know exactly who might be able to handle such a challenge! YOU!

Robin A.

Elizabeth said...

I love the idea of dyeing the fabric first- you are one talented lady!!!!

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