Photo Editor Mom

One of the things I love doing is editing the photos from my son's fishing lodge. There were fewer pictures this year but I have still spent most of the day on them and will finish up tomorrow. I resize them, crop them, do any necessary color tuning and clean up really bloody fish. Then I'm always looking for the stupid green hose that seems to creep into most shots and make it disappear. Can you see the green hose???

Ninety percent of the photos are men and fish or fish and men... Most of the guys are in the same upright fisherman pose but occasionally there's one that I love. Guess which one... ??? Is Widlanski happy or WHAT!!!!!

But not all the photos are fish. His lodge is directly across Cook Inlet from two active volcanoes, Mt. Illiamna and Mt/ Redoubt. Here is this best shot of one of the volcanoes. Usually there are a lot of wildlife shots but only the moose photo in this group.

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