Flower Cart - Daffodil Block..

I filled in the cart with parallel chain stitches...an alternative to long and short for fill in. Once it was filled in I cut right up to the initial chain stitch and stitched it to the block... Then of course it had to be filled with flowers since it was a flower cart...
I was using this block to display a variety of techniques. Now that I have stumpwork daffodils and a cross-stitch daffodil, I want to add a embroidered and SRE daffodils.
I had a special metal button that I was saving for the wheel but when it was time to apply it, it just didn't work. So this little wood button turned out to be perfect..

1 comment:

Susan/CqLily said...

Your cart is unbelievably beautiful and creative! No surprises there...I love it!

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