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I started on the three-dimensional (stumpwork) daffodils. I'm using my Kay Dennis stumpwork book as a guide (Stumpwork Seasons). She has really great step-by-step instructions and also has some cool things on the internet... This is a learning experience for me in anticipation for the stumpwork RR coming up...

The first petals were way too long for the size of the motif so I tucked them in a bit. I now have a good feel for the length of the pin placement and it should be fine. She had a clever way to do the center on a handle of a paint brush but I had some tiny yellow lace left from my "garden seam" and will use it for the centers when I get all the pedals done..

I did the pot on a hoop and it is needle woven with #3 cotton perle. I am really loving this size for stumpwork because it is easier for me to manipulate and it has enough body that it holds a shape well.

Since I was out yesterday getting my hair cut I went into town and got some #14 waste canvas for the next stage.... a needlepoint daffodil..

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AngelDoll said...

Love your new hair Gerry...and just for your records, I also love your blog...you are TOPS on my dily list...most inspirational and interesting lady. Please keep up the great work...I would miss you if you did not have a blog!

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