My comments on comments!

The first thing I do in the morning is to check if there are any comments. I think everyone who does a blog loves to get comments. In fact Robin said at our class this fall she used to live for comments and I thought that she would have more comments than she could even read...

But comments are an odd thing as I started looking at other blogs. Some bloggers' style seem to invite comments and also there doesn't seem to be a lot of correlation on the size of readership and amount of comments. I read Allison Aller's blog every time she writes (on Thursdays) and I'm sure at least a thousand other people do but I noticed her comments average only 15-20 a day. Hers is really an instructive and sharing blog and is wonderful but doesn't need interaction necessarily. Other bloggers have a very personal conversational style to which folks comment readily.

So where am I?....not sure but I cherish all comments I get. But on the other hand I do have a counter for my blog so I know you're out there even if you're not commenting. The hits on my blog are averaging about 4500-5000 a month... Divide that by 30 days and I expect that I have about 150+ regulars. One month I had 7500 hits and I went over that month to see if I had been particularly witty or cogent...but not! People must have been a little bored that month and tuned in.

I love to write and the joy for me is that there is somebody out there actually reading it whether they comment or not. I posted over 350 times last year...almost daily. The posts about my lovely hair were personal and got a lot of comments but the post about Alaska got none. But I would venture a guess that most readers enjoyed the Alaska post... So I'll keep writing as long as you all keep reading and remember a comment now and then does lift my spirits!!!!


PomieMommie said...

I just want you to know that I love your blog and check it daily to see if you have bloged. I am new to CQing and your pictures and work inspire me. Thank you so much for that. I can spend hours looking through your past posts just looking at pictures, and studying colors, seam treatments, and motifs. You are wonderful. Keep it up
Donna D

Carol said...

Well, yes. We LOVE your blog. Your work is gorgeous and your posts are interesting.

I have made some wonderful blogging friends because I left a comment and they returned a comment to me via reply email when they monitored my comment. These are the friends blogs where I always leave a comment because I enjoy the interaction and because we are "friends" now. And it all started because we both took a moment to communicate.

Sharkeysday said...

I'm with you - I know people go to my blog and I supposed I don't say "what do you think" at the bottom of each post - but maybe I should - ha ha!
For what it's worth, I have you in Google reader and read every post! Quite often I'm too jealous of your productivity and abilities to post - hee hee!

susiew said...

I'm delighted to hear that you do enjoy the comments. As I said earlier in the week, you've given me so much as I read each day that I was looking for some way to "give back" something. I will try to be more diligent about actually writing a comment instead of just thinking one. BTW I'm still trying to figure out if the cute photoshoped hair shot is the end or if you actually did get it cut???

FredaB said...

I too look at your blog every day and enjoy each and every one no matter what you talk about that day. I enjoy your work and your wit. Having a blog of my own I appreciate it when someone leaves a comment so I in turn am trying to do the same on the blogs that I really like.

Please continue to entertain, teach and astound us with your little painted buttons, etc. You are very talented.



Lesley said...

I always read your blog. I showed the Alaska one to DH, and had a quiet giggle when I saw his face. Goodness they are certainly huge fish. Those out our local fishing lake average about 7 inches long. I think DH will be contemplating a trip to Alaska soon. Mind you the weather we're having here in the UK looks pretty much the same!

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