Not Another Hair Photo!!!

My sweet step daughter Nancy put this picture of us taken years ago on Facebook a couple days ago... Obviously we were being more than just a little silly....combing our hair forward and pretending to be forest monsters. I was surprised she had kept the photo all these years as I sure didn't. I'm still adjusting to reaching up to NO hair...

HWCH is going to Seattle this weekend and I am finishing up some long-standing messy projects. I'm going to finish Debbie's doll to mail and finally finish the painting of the buttons.

Last night I started to go through some old photos for the bird garden installments. I have been meaning for YEARS to gather this material into a scrapbook or journal... I will use some photos with BJP and what's left into a scrapbook.. finally... It's taken the beading of the birds to get me organized and motivated...... Doing it in installments will make it easier.


susiew said...

Is this a relative of "Cousin Itt " from the Adams family?

Robin said...

Yay and congratulations on getting organized about this!!!! I hope you'll post many pictures and tell us many of the stories here. I, for one, shall be an avid reader!

Robin A.

Robin said...

PS... Forgot to mention... my sister and I used to do this with our hair. Wonder if she saved any pictures?

Anonymous said...

What a cute photo. We never know what fond memories others hold on to. Look forward to what you share about the bird garden:)

Ann Flowers

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