Happy Husband

Quick post: My husband had his favorite Saturday night....eating homemade sour cream rolls from his mother's recipe, sipping gourmet coffee and watching Lawrence Welk reruns he's seen a million times. Life couldn't get much better than that according to him.

Having company for dinner today..Menu: poached salmon, roasted yams, green salad, and asparagus... chilled lemon souffle with blueberries for dessert.

I'm still so excited with new beading page and will have it ready (without text) tomorrow. It is soooooooooo wonderful when things come together.....

p.s. Hope Susan Elliot's husband is whistling Dixie!!!!


Diane said...

I came across your blog while visiting around "blog-world and have to say your posts are infectious! I read through many of them and enjoyed every moment.
Is it possible to share the recipe for the sour cream rolls? They look wonderful-no wonder hubby is so happy!

Anonymous said...

ohh those look delicious. YUM. Have a wonderful evening:)

Ann Flowers

Wendy said...

Oh Gerry can you share the recipe for the rolls or is it a secret? I would love to have it if you can share.

Cristina said...

Gerry, what a handsome husband!!!
...but also what a wonderful plate of rolls!

Your dinner was delicious as always, and you're the best cook I ever met! ..so delicious and full of passion!
Thanks for sharing memorable hours with us.

Plays with Needles said...

Hey -- just call the initiator...and i can see things have heated up over there with the gourmet coffee and the sour cream rolls!!! And you sure made him a lot of those, you vixen...

Sarma said...

Wow, you did have a great deal with your trip to China. We took a trip in 2008 and visited the same sites. Ours was quite a bit more,wouldn't have missed it. 2009 went to SE Asia, 2010 going to SAfrica. Are you sharing your sour cream roll recipe, would love it.
Love your site. Sarma in Ok

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