Hmmmmmmmmmmmmm ...the planning.

I'm lending a hand in a novice RR and am about to start on Ruthie's block... I've been looking at it a day or two and here are my thoughts... First (obviously) needs lace...nothing leaves my house without lace..

Then there's the red...my favorite color... Any block with red can stand some drama... I'm thinking red flowers but NOT roses...I'm so tired of doing roses... Initially I considered fanciful flowers like in Hungarian folk art but now I'm leaning toward poppies... brash, red, red, red poppies... The folk art flowers may overwhelm what's been done but wouldn't a fanciful folk art flowers RR be fun... I'll be conservative (LOL) and go with the poppies and maybe a hummingbird.. Definitely lower right. Oops better think about seams!

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