How many plan "B"s can you have?

When I went to bed last night I was ready to throw the whole lot in the trash....I started with a raw sienna wash, followed by a tan wash and then two washes of skin tones. This was fine but the acetone to smooth out the polymer was worthless. Either I was applying it wrong or
there is more than one kind of acetone so they have many more warts and rough spots that I had planned.. so plan B is that I will add a glaze and hope for the best

But this morning when I laid one on a block with a dab of hair and they are passable.. Then there is the hair. My plan to curl a wig on skewers to get tight curls was a failure and still looking for a plan B.

I wanted them to be tarted up but not tarts if that makes sense. ...like they were still stuck in the 1950s with their red lips and beauty marks... Plan B is to tone the lips down a bit... I was determined to make a go of the polymer but it isn't for me and will go back to paperclay for plan A on next faces....

(And yes, Rose Ann, we are in the same RR!)

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