Big decision....who will go?

The ewes are pretty well dried up so I'm using the time to do some training and evaluating I should have done early in the spring...(when leg was in a cast.) Several are new milkers and training a sheep to walk up a ramp and put its head though an opening that closes around their neck is a feat in itself. Once they're locked in I use the time to massage and wash their udder, handle their legs and check their hooves and get them used to being stroked and loved... They need to be very relaxed when they are being milked. They're doing well except Sapphire and this has pretty much sealed her fate...

Next I need to reduce my flock by selling one ram and 2 ewes...for obvious reasons Sapphire will be one of the ewes...she's a good mother and has a fine fleece but too skittish to milk... I am trying to decide who will be the other ewe..

Ruby should be the other to go because she has nipples that point outward and it makes her difficult to milk...BUT she's my dominant ewe and has so much personality I adore her... So I'm hoping as she ages her udder will droop (don't we know how that is) and she will be easier to milk.. This is going to be a very hard decision. Photo is of Ruby with lamb last spring.... Isn't she lovely?

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Skye said...

As a fan of goats, I know how difficult your decision will be..Ruby is absolutely beautiful...Good luck!! Skye

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