Crowns for my queen

I have this little gap while I'm waiting for Nikki's block and will use it to work on my challenge block again and also to finish off my Hearts block. I had a queen of hearts on the block and wanted not only hearts but crowns on the block.. Kim beaded the precious crown above with the rhinestone heart. The heart on the left is done with goldwork techniques and is on Mary Corbett's site. I love goldwork and have lots of supplies to try one or two crowns with that approach.

Also I found the crowns below on a google image search and I'm thinking I'm going to do crowns on a hoop and use the techniques that we use for paisleys which seems perfect . I will have to do a little tweaking on the block to make room for more hearts and lots of crowns...but it will be a challenge..

1 comment:

Ruby said...

There you go, thinking again!! I know you can do it. Thanks for sharing.

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