Patch, the Crazy Cowboy

"Don't Seam Me In!!!!!

Someone on a list used the term free range stitching and I had to chuckle....because every time I look at a traditional crazy quilt I see all the patches with little miniature fences and I start humming "Don't seam me in!" to the tune of "Don't fence me in" Now the theme song for Patch the Crazy Cowboy... I'm definitely a free range stitchin person.......


Susan/CqLily said...

I have never told you how much I like your new banner on your blog. Very nice.
And even though this post isn't about the block you have been working on, I wanted to thank you for demonstrating to all of us your thought process and design modes so that those of us who are newer or just plain don't have that artist's type mind, can learn! I do wish more and more would do this--would be so helpful!!!

Thanks bunches!

Karen said...

You are one crazy lady!

Anonymous said...


You're right, the girl silky and the bluebird make your block "sing..." Pun intended!!

I love it!


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