King of the Bump

I was out doing some work on a fence this morning and was watching the rams... Apparently when I was clearing the pasture a couple years ago I left a small pile of dirt. It is about 3' square and no more than 8" high (a bump) but in that pasture it is definitely high ground. That 8" gives a height advantage and the two rams are constantly pushing and shoving to be "king of the bump" It's a guy thing and sooooooooooo funny to watch. I tried to get a picture but the minute they see me they run to see if I have any grain in my pockets..and I usually do!!

1 comment:

Cobi said...

oh Gerry I can imagine how funny that is. I have to cats who always try to sit on my spot of the couch as soon as I get up. they have learned to get away asap when I get back and lower that big bottom of mine. conquering the most wanted spot is what an animal's life seems all about. they're so cute.

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