Gypsy Rose Block

This block was the first ever I sent out absolutely bare. The colors were bright and way out of my comfort zone so I had no preconceived concept of what this block would or could look like... Lisa set the tone with the wonderful dyed lace and embroidered rose and everyone followed suit, embracing the theme and colors and Ati finished it off in grand style. She ended with the addition of a silkie of a gypsy... It arrived today from Norway... I am so grateful to Lisa, Meg, Wendy and Ati for taking this block this far.

But having said all that, I must admit that I rarely can leave a block alone when it comes home... I add things, move things and may, on rare occasions, remove things... I'm finding this block very energizing and immediately knew that I"ll have to add a fortune teller's crystal ball, tarot cards, a tambourine with ribbons, more coins, fancy trims and a lot more beads. Whatta ya think????


Ati. Norway. said...

You are absolute right Gerry.
The block asks for more and the ding-dang-additions you named would be great! I am very curious how it will look after your treatment!
Please post the block again when you have finished it.

Eileene said...

wow! whatta block. I love it. I think you are right , add more and let us see it when you're finished. Eileene

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