Beaded Treasures by Robin Atkins

My book on finger weaving with beads arrived today. I'm a huge fan of Robin Atkins.. and love this layered look of multicolored beads. Mastering this is #1 on my list of winter projects. I just love her "Rosie" the uncaged hen and all her bead embroidery... She has been documenting her personal growth with a beaded journal that I find fascinating... especially the piece entitled "Menopause." http://www.robinatkins.com/gallery.html


Carol said...

I love Robin also and am participating in the BJP. Funny. For me, your talent in crazy quilting is what Robin is to bead embroidery. I am a huge fan of yours.

Robin said...

Thanks for showing my book! How are you doing on your goal??? I haven't seen any pictures yet of your beaded treasures.... I can tell from your CQ that you'll be good at the layered look!

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