Photos of Finland from Ritva

Ritva sent me the following information and photos about the area she lives in Finland... Don't you just love the yellow church... I was amazed by how similiar it is to the part of the US where I live... Our rape fields are also in full bloom now..

Exerpt from Ritva's email:

Hikiä is a little village with about 1200 inhabitants and belongs to the municipal Hausjärvi near Riihimäki where I am working. Main occupation is agriculture but nowadays here comes lots of young families who are working in the towns nearby or even in Helsinki, the capital. It is easy and fast to go to work by car or train.

The big landmark is RAUTAROUVA the Iron Dame, an electricity line which goes through Hikiä to different directions. They grow here barley, rye and turnip rape(yellow you can see around the Iron Dame)\
This old picture is from the railway station which still stands near my house but is now used as living house. Only the local trains stop in Hikiä.

Here is a picture of the wooden yellow church which is quite monumental. Farmers did build it two hundred years ago.
Some pictures are typical landscape about province Häme we belong.We have lots of forests and main trees are pine, spruce, birch, aspen and alder. Here nearby are no lakes although we have tens of thousands of lakes in Finland. I miss lakes and often go to Central Finland to my childhood`s homevillage by lake.

There is also a picture about the armorial of province Häme with lynx.I appreciate a lot your interest and will answer if you have anything to ask.

With kind regards!Ritva

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