I'm IN... WOW

Pat Winter commented "I hear that separate bedrooms are "IN" right now." I checked Google and she's right... The trend is for 2 master suites in new homes for separate bedrooms.... I don't think I've ever been "IN" in my life. No one in our senior social circle admits to separate bedrooms but I know many who one or the other uses the spare room or guest room but don't actually label it as the other's bedroom.. Well onward... Oldest granddaughter is here for a whiz-by visit tomorrow... She's reads my blog everyday and likes it... Surprised me! Will post her pictute. Off to look for neighbor's missing cows...


Laurie said...

Oh I wish I could join you in the cow search Gerry, no really!
Have fun with your grand daughter!

FredaB said...

I believe more people have seperate bedrooms just because of the problems you mentioned. Our next door neighbour says her husband snores so loud she can even hear him down the hall with his door closed.
harv and I pretty well go to bed at the same time and get up around the same time. He is a bad sleeper but keeps his radio with earphones by the bed and I can always tell if he has had a bad night by him wearing the earphones.

the main thing is yo still get along and love each other. I too have a man that I just love and we will be married 51 years in 2 weeks.



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