My work area

Susan on the CQI list asked about work spaces in public area of the house. This is mine and it consists of a chair and 3 pieces on wheels and it all can be whisked out of sight in a minute.... This whole setup is only about 4' square. It is in the living room just a few feet from the kitchen door and I can watch the birds and sheep out the window. I love being with my husband and dogs and not being isolated.

The best is the hospital bedside table that can be adjusted to any height... I enlarged the surface a bit and added piece on the back of the table to hold tools... I love it... The tall towner of drawers I purchased online last winter and painted it.. The little cart has bins of beads and tiny things... I use Robin Atkin's method of bead storage (on her website) and it's amazing how many beads can be stored in minimal space. I do have bins and storage in another room to replenish my projects.

I have another hospital table and another tall tower that I can roll out for a larger project... Here's a tiny to a picture of the addition for tools I added to the back of the table... http://tinyurl.com/c6tz9t It has taken some tinkering and adjustment over several years but now it's perfect for me..... and I do ALL my CQ here....

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