My beautiful visitor!

I had this beautiful peacock visit yesterday... A neighbor has two and this one decided to spend the day with me.... It kept going to the glass door in the barn shop to look at it's reflection and then wandered about eating bird seed. Later I was on the phone and turned around and it was on the deck peering through the sliding door at me...When I went to bed it was roosting in my maple tree.. Haven't heard it this morning so maybe it found it's way home......

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kerrykatiecakeskeb43 said...

What a handsome fellow! Too bad he didn't drop a couple tail feathers while he was there - you could use them in cq! I tried to hatch some peacock eggs once but it didn't work. After the poor broody hen went almost mad sitting on them for so long the girl who gave them to me told me she thought they were likely duds anyway. Poor little hen!

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