Grand Day Today

Nancy Larson from CQI was in town visiting her grandchildren this week and we arranged to meet today. We hit a thrift store and then hung out here at the farm the rest of the day and talked about and shared stitching and I fed her leftovers for lunch... In between stitching info we discovered that besides crazy quilting:
  • We both listen to books on CDs and both love English mysteries
  • We both adore the work of Helen Stevens and want to go to England to take her workshop
  • We both taught school
  • We both have corgiis
  • We both had 2 sons and then adopted a daughter
  • plus numerous other things in common....

I decided I might be adopted and Nancy is really my sister..... luckily for me her grandchildren live here so I know she'll be back and we will definitely plan another fun day and I'll take her for a proper lunch.... In the meantime we are both signed up for the faces RR this summer.

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