Spider Webs

I'm continually experimenting with achieving the marvelous look of Helen Steven's webs.. I did as before (see earlier post) and attached the outer "frame" or structure on pins, did the radial lines and this time I did circular parts as guides and filled in. Then I adjusted the "frame" on pins tension and secured. It went well. For more info on how I do it see 3/30 post - Spider Web Experiment.

I try a different thread every time to find one I like. I hated the black thread which was a Gutermann but then I used a white Coats Heavy Duty Quilting thread and it was PERFECT to work with and will be my thread of choice for webs and I can even dye it....

When I have a idea for something extra or whimsical I save it for last as a special treat for me... Now I get to do it.......Good girl, good girl.

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kerrykatiecakeskeb43 said...

Such a gorgeous spider web, Gerry! They are starting to look so realistic.

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