Working outside your comfort zone.....

On one of the CQ lists Lauri is having a competition encouraging stitchers to work outside their comfort zone (OOYCZ). I joined just to challenge myself because I am so far into my comfort zone that I hyperventilate just looking at certain colors or using certain techniques. We can't reveal what we are doing until it is over in July. I finally got my block made and started stitching and finding it hard...ripping out all I did the other day. But it is giving me a chance to evaluate why I make certain color choices and what is so scary about others.
Sometimes I feel my comfort zone has evolved into a rut.... Anyway I am taking photos as I go along and when I can I will share it all.... But one thing requires photo editing an image and I can expand on photo-editing techniques without giving away any secrets about my OOYCZ.


Diane said...

Oh Gerry, I'm feeling very much out of my comfort zone and I can't seem to get myself moving on this block. The problem is what will I do with a block that I don't really like when it's finished? Is there somewhere I can donate it to where it would be loved and used?
PS you'll never believe what my word verification for this comments was.......unblock!!!

kerrykatiecakeskeb43 said...

The plot thickens...! I'll be looking forward to when all is revealed!

Lauri said...

Hi Nu Mom
I am glad you are having fun!
I can't figure out what to do on mine now that I have it pieced.
Not to toot my own horn but I seem to do a little of everything so finding something new is hard.
I can't wait to see your project

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