Miss Muffet and Tuffet

I found an area about 1 1/2" square below Lauri's spider to tuck another cat (Tuffet) and space by it to squeeze in a small web and beaded everything......and I added a perky bluebird button I painted that seemed to fit with Lauri's bright colors.... Lauri said "move the color"....so I did and I came close to her neon colors. Here's the whole block... Still room for lots of webs.. And "oops" ...no seams....


Lauri said...

Very nice job. I just love the cats!
I am sure Janet will love it


Rose Anne B said...

WOWSERS I'm glad I'm not in that swap!!! I still don't see the cat though! YIKES I think I'd have called for help from the angels on this one.

kerrykatiecakeskeb43 said...

Gerry - the cats are a delight!

Ruby said...

Took me awhile but I found the cats. I am enamored! It is surely Love with a big L. Great job, everyone.


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