Mango Curd Update

Received the following question from Cobi:

"I assume the t and T stand for tablespoon and teaspoon, but which is which? thank you for sharing the recipe. btw could I use another fresh mango instead of the dried one? we don't have them dried here."

I should have thought of the abbreviation thing Cobi...I'm sorry... T. = 1 tablespoon and t.= 1 teaspoon.

Yes, by all means use fresh instead of dried mangos. The internet receipes all use just fresh. I used the dried because the flavor is so intensified in dried fruit and I was trying to increase the mango flavor.

Added note: Online receipes all called for putting the cooked pulp through a sieve to get a clearer end result. But I like the texture of the mangos in the curd so I skipped the sieve part....

I had some on my toast this morning and it was yummy.....

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