Kim's Heart Block - 28 hearts added

Counting all the hearts in the whimsical beaded heart and the celtic hearts plus heart buttons, heart beads in seam, heart charms, I added 28 hearts in all. (A few don't show in this photo in case you're counting) I think I even counted the word "heart" in the lettering.

This was the first of my ventures into various ways to add lettering. This "heart to heart" is a variation of an art nouveau lettering style..... The vine above the lettering echos the gold vines in the patches above and below. I want you to notice I actually did seams..... See post below for method I used to baste in the lines for lettering.


Kim in Fargo, ND said...

Wow! Wow! I'm so lucky.

Kim in Fargo, ND said...

Wow! Wow! I'm luck to be flooded in hearts. Wonderful work Gerry.

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