Maureen's bluebird, tutorials and an online class.

I hardly published my post yesterday where I was whinging about doing tutorials and within an hour I received an email from Maureen Greeson that she had used my "birds on felt" tutorial to make a bluebird for her February CQJP ....and a precious one it is.

She chose an excellent pattern for this beautiful bird and shared it with us on her blog... I am going to try this one myself... You must go see it on the block and save the pattern she so generously shared... She also mentioned a problem cutting it out so I will go back and review the tutorial and see if I can solve that problem...  The last post I did on this subject could have definitely had bigger and better pictures.  Every time I review a tutorial I find things I could have explained better and they can always be improved with revisions so I always appreciate your input.

Maureen has asked me to teach an online class and I readily accepted.  Doing tutorials is excellent practice for just such an endeavor.  Cathy L. also commented yesterday that I should have explained how to divide an
an image for doing a cut away transfer and she is absolutely right. So when I redo that tutorial with Kerry's goldwork block "how to section the image" will be my top priority...  AND I will run it past Cathy for her input and approval.

I'm in the final stages of Janet's block and my mind is already rushing ahead to Kerry's.  I would love to use some of the miles of various shades of gold tulle in my stash.  AND I want to keep focused on the "marriage" of goldwork and CQ....  You are going to LOVE what I have in mind for Kerry...  Not much stitching time today..but I can spend some time thinking about an online class while in the car.  It's a Gerry "good-wife" day...

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Cathy said...

Congrats on the class! What will you be teaching?

And I don't think I said you should have explained how to divide an image up for transfer...I said my head was thick! But if you will explain that may make my head a little thinner.

And when you say Kathy's blocks are you really meaning Kerry's blocks?????????????

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