"Seams Only" blocks return....

My own blocks from this RR returned during the preparations for Cathy's visit and the envelope just went into the mail basket. Finally today I got around to emptying the basket and opening the envelope...This block was done by Cathy Labath and she did motifs generally oriented towards a seam... It's delightful and I'll do something special with it... I kept turning and couldn't decide which side was up but it perfect on point and I'll use it that way...Thank you Cathy for all the special work you put into this block... and daffodils and hummingbirds are my very favorite.

My plan in the beginning was to use these blocks on a jacket to wear to CT but that was before all the button-painting stuff... The other "Seams Only" blocks were actually "seams only" and extraordinary seams at that... I can hardly wait to try some of these now that I'm in my seam mode... In fact I'll use them as samplers to try the seams on my suffrage blocks.
These blocks were done by (starting on the left) Jeanne Gagnaux, Ritva Peltola, and Helina Penttinen. All these ladies are "seamers" I greatly admire and I'm about to start another RR with Ritva and Helina.
Maire Courtney used to be active in RRs and I haven't seen her name for a while but Ritva's seams remind me of Maire's....so delicate, almost ephemeral. I've decided I'll stitch a few floral motifs in these blocks at some point...

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Cathy said...

Well, after a long, stressful week at work, not feeling all that well with some ungodly virus, plus feeling a little depressed because of all this dark weather it was nice to finally have time to look around on a few blogs, come here and see that you liked my block and will do something special with it!

That perked me up. And if I had to check a reactie I would check "made my day".

Here's hoping that something special isn't a special trash can ;-) !

Cathy L

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