A case of kidnapping

Well it is actually lambnapping... When I went back out to freshen up the bedding I started taking a closer look at what was happening and decided that Topaz DID indeed have twins and Ruby had stolen one... Ruby is still pregnant. This is called mismothering and is relatively common... especially when a ewe has lost a lamb or is just prior to parturition (giving birth) herself..

My biggest problem now is that Ruby might reject her own baby in favor of the twin OR accept her own baby and reject the stolen one... Either way I'd end up with a bottle baby... So I'm hope Ruby will be giving birth at any time and think she has twins... If I had caught it right away I would have penned Topaz up with both babies but the bonding has occurred and would be stressful for all concerned to intervene now..... High drama on the farm!!!!


Anonymous said...

Wow, I had no idea that they even did that. I have to say Gerry i love your blog. I read all the animal posts to my family, not only do you provide great blog posts but they are always filled with humor and we learn something new being city folk;)

Thank you so much for sharing your life:):):):)

Ann Flowers

Laura said...

I'd jug the lamb back with it's real mom, and it will happen. Doesn't seem like the separation has been very long (a day?). Separate Ruby from the other ewes, even if you have to jug her by her self. I've had ewes try that but the other ewes were adamant about keepin their lambs, so it never happened. Sounds like your girls both have mothering issues...

susiew said...

Poor Ruby .... sounds like she is ready to get this over with and saw an easy way out of her situation. Hope all works out well soon.

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