Rotten Rodents

We go to great lengths to welcome and co-exist with our wild critters but we draw the line when they want to move into the house for the winter. At that point they become rotten rodents... At the top of the unwelcome guests are skunks who show up with distressing regularity and dig under the house...

Next on the list are squirrels. As long as they stay out of doors they are precious but once they get under the house and start tearing the insulation off the water pipes for nesting material they are reclassified as rotten rodents and relocated.

This squirrel has been around all summer but when I was taking a nap last week I could hear it in the attic. So we set out the live trap and this morning it's on its way to be relocated in the woods next to the river...This little squirrel is so fat that it waddled along... I hadn't seen a mate.. This one has quite distinctive brown markings on its face.

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