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When it comes to stash storage cabinets I'm a pretty shallow person.... I HATE digging through drawers and bins to find something. I want to open a drawer and see it all (or almost all). Also because I live in a small space and all rooms have to be multiuse, it is imperative that EVERYTHING be on castors. Since I work in our living area I don't want open shelves where everything (translate mess) is on display. Having said all that, here are my shallow drawer cabinets
The first shallow drawer setup I got were two old blue print files which stacked. It is perfect but quite large and very heavy...It's large enough you could use the top as a cutting surface.... They are not easy to find but used office furniture warehouses are the best bet. I'm sorry the last time I moved mine I didn't put castors on it.

The I went through several Target/KMart rolling carts with baskets...They're not well made and there's a lot of lost space and they're not cheap either. So I found this tall tower on wheels which was ugly white and painted it... It's 4' tall with all 2" drawers and perfect for by my work table. All things used often are in it.

Last year I found this 5" tall cabinet
with both 2" and 4" drawers... It is very study and nice looking and of course on wheels..but it was rather expensive BUT there was free shipping. It's nice enough looking it could be put in the corner of a living room even..
source: http://www.chandlercreations.com/site/1406927/product/CRFTKIT%20C

Now I'm going to get one more cabinet....one like last year's if I can't find something better. I am looking into a mechanics rolling tool cart if I can find a used one or one cheap. I keep all my cabinets in a small side room that often has to be used for entertaining or a guest room ...in which case all cabinets are wheeled into the laundry room..

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kerrykatiecakeskeb43 said...

I think two of your recommendations here are spot on, Gerry - the casters and the shallowness of the drawers! One good thing about having delayed so long in gettig organized is that now I finally intend to do it I can do it right. Thanks for the hints!

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