Challenge Block Progress

I added the crocheted butterflies in the right pic and left the top edge of the upper petals unattached so they are very 3D.. I had thought I would add the tatted butterflies there also but found this rhinestone one at the thrift store Monday and it fits in perfectly with the other two already on there.
On the left I beaded the large butterfly and have just started on a cascade of violets. I'm using several shades of violet ribbon... I was able to tote the needlework along with me yesterday and can again today so I will at least finish the violets today...I am saving the large ribbon pansies as a treat for the last...
Looked at the calendar and tomorrow is the ONLY day I have at home before we leave for the coast next Thursday and company will be here the day I get home... My HWCH* loves it and being the dedicated hermit of the family, I find it hard to breathe when I look at a loaded calendar.
*Handsome, witty, charming husband

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Ati. said...

Have a nice trip Gerry. Sometimes it is very nice to go out and even better when you come home again:)
haha :)HWCH :)
How does he call you?

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