Well it is no printer's cabinet!!!

As I said it is no printer's cabinet but it meets my criteria. First of all it was a "ding and dent" so it was incredibly cheap and it has lots of shallow drawers and is on wheels. It's pretty "garage techno " right now but I can see some gold detailing and stenciling on it. I also have a bin of antique hardware in the barn.... none matching.

I'm desperately trying to move things from bins and make room in my small cluttered house for two rollaway beds...

My son and his adorable wife Vivian are arriving tonight. My son is always filled with boundless enthusiasm, endless energy and insatiable curiosity about EVERYTHING and had been that way all his life. He is a ton of fun but exhausting to keep up with. He is a gourmet cook and obsessed with fresh organic healthy food and every meal is a major production so he will take over my kitchen...(except for the cleaning up) Vivian and I could spend the week quietly nibbling, playing scrabble and doing thrift stores if we were left on our own. But that's not about to happen and I don't see any stitching time this week.


RoseLady said...

I am looking forward to your transformation of this clever storage area.....errrr....mmmmm....I mean Candy Cabinet!

Wishing you and your family a wonderful holiday.


Connie said...

I'm sure by the time you finish it, it will be lovely. I am trying to line the drawers of my cabinet with acid free paper. (-:

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