Don't mess with my bed!

I had a stool for my leg in a cast under my computer desk where one of Fritz's beds belongs . He is in complete denial and wedges himself in where his bed SHOULD be....So now his bed is back in place and I sit sideways at my desk to keep my leg elevated.. My dog defines the term "constant companion."

Went to the orthopedic doc today and he put my leg in a cast.....I had my choice of colors but they had no black which would have really coordinated better with my sweat pants.. He chastised me for waiting 11 days to get there I reminded him we were snowed most of those days plus 2 days were holidays and 2 days were weekend days. Anyway I am decked out in a bright blue cast for 6 weeks...and the big clumsy boot thing they gave me at emergency care is history..

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