Beaded Round Robins

Top going out!!
Finished block...new direction

I finished my Beaded Round Robin from last summer. It seems like I added about 10 lbs more beads this last week. I wish I had made my block smaller to begin with. The most problematic challenge was I had send my block out with a specifiic "top" marked and when it came back I decided that it needed to have the "top" in different direction . I knew this would drive me crazy until the end of my days. So even tho it involved making lots of changes, I had to do it. Is that obsessive or what?

We had two beaded round robins going at once last year and they were all gorgeous.


Ati. Norway. said...

It has become a gorgeous block. What will it become in the end?

Andrea said...

Oh Gerry I love your folded rose and buds they are beautiful

Hugs and smiles
New Zealand

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