Calla leaf beaded

I started by seaching for rather simple images of calla lily leaves, chose one, and then "digitized" it as I discussed in the previous post.

I had my design already transferred to felt and basted on the block. I added a little dye to the leaf so the white wouldn't show through the beading. Then I put together my soup. Since the leaf has to contrast with the lily I chose the beads from the colors in Rita's rabbit and Cobi's embroidery. Most of these colors were sent to me by Cobi who had already worked on this block.... I should add here that I ADORE the little tins that AOL used to constantly send out. They are perfect for bead soups. When AOL stopped sending them I ordered a couple dozen online.

Then I started by outlining the leaf. I usually just do one row of outlining but the tatting made the felt a little lumpy so I added another row to the outline and one row up the middle with the lightest color in the soup.... Then NO MORE rows. All the fill in is with two and three beads at a time in various directions and always referring to my digitized image as a general guide.
The leaf is done and now I will make the creamy soup for the lily. It will be Wednesday before I work on it because tomorrow a friend is toting me to a bead store, fabric store and to lunch. On Tuesday another friend is toting me to my favorite thrift stores and to lunch. I feel like a real VIP and so lucky to have such great friends....

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