Upcycling, power tools and little yellow bells....

Things are moving along nicely with the jewelry projects and enjoying it more and more as I move ahead.  Just starting to do the beading for this slice of rock I painted.  I have no idea what it is but the roses look lovely on it.  When I did CQ I loved to use tiny metal spacers on my seams.. I will use some of them on this necklace.
And as I continue to sort and organize I am finding more possibilities for painted pendants.  Some I'm finding at thrift stores and some like the piece on the lower right were in my stash.  I cut the beads from this piece and now I filed it smooth  on the corners and drilled new holes and will use it with my bear.  I've replaced all the black beads on it as well.
Next to the reciprocating saw my favorite power tool is this drill press. I bought it years ago in a special parking lot sale at Harbor Freight for about $50.  The motor sound terrible but it works great.  I had a hard time with breaking  tiny bits in a hand drill and this is super cool woman friendly tool.  I recommend it without hesitation. 
 I said this when I planted this clematis and several times since..."I will regret planting this aggressive plant in this spot."  But I did  and now I'm in love with all the tiny yellow bells planted by the path I walk many times a day...  But down the road I'm sure someone will rue the day I planted it as it envelopes both the house and garage and the forest . But meanwhile I say "Good day" each morning to this lovely Bill McKenzie clematis and all his yellow bells."
I didn't think I'd find the right color of flowers  for the table Sunday but I did and again forgot to take a picture of the dim sum..  I'm getting quite clever at folding them... With them I served fried rice using a mixture of  brown rice, wild rice and wheat berries....delicious.


Shirlee Fassell said...

Loving your jewelry creations esp the way all the beads are different but go so well!

chickadee04287 said...

Your table settings always delight me. Love that exuberant clematis.

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