Some bold, some quirky but all OOAK!

So far so good with the jewelry venture and it has not only been fun using stash but also combining painting and jewelry. At the moment working on a piece for which I painted a hummingbird.. Not a clear vision on this one so it has been fun trying a lot of different approaches.

On the other hand this project has a long history and a pretty clear vision. I have had these handmade beads for about 50 years.  A friend brought them back from Africa as a gift for me.  They were strung on a piece of hemp and for some time I wore them that way but then I restrung them and have never been too pleased with the result..  This time I'd like to combine them with the distressed beads in that bracelet, part of the yellow seed bead necklace I bought at a market in Germany and these precious red lacquered wood beads..plus maybe some yellow lampwork beads..  I definitely have a vision for this one and eager to start and hope to make two necklaces from this pile..

I have finished the bear necklace and am pleased with it.. It is a "statement" necklace and would need a very specific person to want it.

But all my jewelry is a little on the quirky side..

And I finished the roses on the slice of purple agate.  It sort of chose its own beads... This one is large and bold but not too quirky..


Margaret said...

The roses on the agate are absolutely stunning! Makes me wish I were taller, with a longer neck and imposing bosom, with which to do it justice!

Magpie's Mumblings said...

Your jewelry designs are ALL fabulous! I wish I had your vision and could see the possibilities in a pile of beads harvested from so many sources. I love the last one especially - I've always loved the colours/designs in agate.

Helen White said...

Your creations are beautiful. Lots of imagination and style. Love that you can incorporate your art into these pieces too.
Helen White

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