Cats & baskets - a match made in heaven

Yesterday I was trying to set up an etsy shop for the jewelry and ran into so many problems  that were so frustrating that I quit  and now I try to get back to do more editing and can't access it. I have had the button shop for 10 years you would think setting up the new one would be a piece of cake.  Everything has changed so much and nothing seems to work..  It absolutely refuses my new logo,,, 

So I decided to give up and paint... One of my favorite things to paint is baskets and the one I have the most trouble with is cats.  On most animals and people if I get the eyes right everything is OK.....but with cats I have to get the nose right or it looks like a monkey. I have painted bunnies in baskets, chicks in baskets and flowers in baskets and now I want to paint kittens in baskets.

 Since I had wanted to paint some kittens in a basket on a pendant I went net surfing for inspiration  and found  many kittens in baskets.  These two in this painting are a bit scary and look as if they have had too much  caffeine.  This is a vintage oil painting by Hans Fenger and is available on line for $250/

At the bottom of each post are several thumbnails that link to previous posts.  Quite often I travel down memory lane with these,  Today the post was from 2009 and was about all the drama of lambing.... http://olderrose.blogspot.com/2009/03/lamb-photo-op.html.  I dearly loved my sheep.


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Carol- Beads and Birds said...

The "Other things you might like" on the bottom of this post includes "Cats on Buttons". Very appropriate.
xx, Carol

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