You know its a winner when....

When you get ready to go to bed and your DH is still raving about the dinner...you know its a winner!!!!  As promised earlier this week I picked squash blossoms for dinner and stuffed them with a ricotta/parmesan/shrimp mix and then dipped them in batter and deep fried them... To accompany this I picked fresh pea pods and sautéed them with red peppers and pines nuts... The recipe specifically
called for male blossoms but I was a couple short and filled in with female blossoms...

It's about the end of blossom time so I had better quick make the other recipe...squash blossoms stuffed with fresh corn, sun-dried tomatoes, and goat cheese and fried of course.

Also I'm happy to share that I'm not so old that I don't remember and learn from some of life's harder lessons. This pendant needs to be sanded flat on the back so I can mount it on a piece of filigree.  The pendant piece is about 1 1/2" by 3" and years ago I had something similar in size that I wanted to sand on one side.  My plan then was to hold the piece to be sanded in my left hand and hold the belt sander in my right hand... Not a good plan.  The sander was heavy and I lost control of it. The belt sander chewed up one of the fingers on my left hand.  After
surgery and some skin grafting they were able to save the finger...  With that memory in mind I have a new plan.... I wired a  handle on the pendant and will mount the sander in a vise...  UPDATE: Well it is back to the drawing board with this piece.  I did the planned safety measures and came back from the barn  with all my fingers intact but I couldn't get the pendant flat enough to look right on the filigree... Rethinking!!!

Thanks for all the positive comments and I will keep writing as long as I can and I love  knowing someone is reading.  Been restless with all the changes that are out of my control  and feel I need to take some positive action to be in control...not sure what.  Maybe I need to get a  body part pierced besides my ears   or even better .... a tattoo of Morris on my chest....  a Morris might be painful...maybe something smaller like a bee on my arm..

If you have followed the blog at all you know how I love proverbs and sayings that I can use and it always seems one come along when I need it most and today is no exception.  This appeared on Facebook this morning. and I'm going to print it and put it on the fridge. "You either get bitter or you get better!"


crafty cat corner said...

Bitter or better, sounds about right. I've followed you for years, please keep posting I love your attitude to life it is wonderful

Carol- Beads and Birds said...

Oh Gee...I have tats and I can tell you that at our age we do not want ink on our chest. Our skin has become WAY to thin there. A small Morris on your arm would be a lot better. I have a self designed Queen of Hearts on my upper outside arm and another self design of bees flying around a thistle on my lower thigh. It was done YEARS ago and is just hidden by the skirts I used to wear. When my mother in law would see a peek, she would ALWAYS say "Where did you get that bruise?!?" Then quickly say "Oh, it's your tatoo. Then click her tongue on her teeth in disgust." Needless to say she and I do not get along well.

Be well Gerry. As always, do what makes you happy.
xx, Carol

PS: You are such a gourmet cook!!

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