Delicate subject? Ask Google!

We are in our hot weather season with temperatures now in the high 90s every day.  One day recently I went out to work when it was cool and got carried away and by the time I came in I was dripping with sweat and had a nasty heat rash where the elastic band on my bra chaffed my skin.

With ointments, powders etc. it took days to clear up. and it was painful to wear a bra and painful not to wear a bra...  Before I went out again in the heat today I was wondering if applying my deodorant in that area would help.  It is not exactly the subject I would want to bring up over lunch with the ladies but I could ask Google.. In fact all I entered was "deodorant under boobs"

And apparently this has occurred to enough women that Google had a lot to say on the subject and YES it is a good idea... except one site said to use a natural  antiperspirant that was aluminum free.  Other women recommended "Baby Wipes", Vicks, and even "Listerine".  One recommended drying this area thoroughly after showering by using a hair dryer.

There was even a website  "Ten places to apply deodorant besides your armpits"  Of course I had to check this out as try as I might I couldn't imagine 10.   The most surprising was behind your knees which I gather is a problem area for cyclists.  So the next time you have a delicate issue, consult Google!!!!!


Magpie's Mumblings said...

Oh Gerry - I love this!!!! I have 'boob issues' too and you have reminded me that deodorant does help. Never heard of it behind the knees though.

Carol- Beads and Birds said...

Interesting. I usually put a washcloth under the band that is under my breasts and that has worked really well. Yesterday I used a folded bandanna (folded as if you were going to use it as a head sweat band). I'm telling you, you can find an answer for anything...just Google It! (a famous phrase at my house).
xx, Carol

Helen White said...

I once found out how hot it can get under there when I was bedridden and braless in the month of July many years back. I am very careful now to keep that area clean and dry. I have applied deodorant there in the past ... just made sense to me!! I like the bandana idea too :) Hope you have recovered Gerry. Stay cool!!

Sandy Larson said...

Although I originally started reading your blog because of the crazy quilting, I will continue to enjoy checking in with you as you are a wonderful writer and share so many interesting ideas and experiences. Thank you. Sandy. The joy is in the stitching.

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