Hummer and Eagle

Put the final touches on two more necklaces this weekend and two more in the works.  My goal is to open the new Etsy shop by the first of August.

I have been doing all the prep work on the site and am at the point that I can start loading images and writing descriptions, doing more photos etc.

I really need some photos of somebody tall with an elegant long neck wearing these pieces.. I am checking women out in the grocery store as I shop... "hmmmmm ... yeah she would be great." Where's Audrey Hepburn when you need her?

After years of working on 1" buttons, it feels like I'm painting on a wall with a whole 2" disc.

I've also been checking out other sites and notice that most which have necklaces they all look alike-  just different colors.  I'm hoping that each piece I do has its own personality. That's my goal anyway.

Even though I do check out You-tube tutorials on techniques, I learn more just by taking things apart and looking closely how it was assembled.

And the most fun thing is that I'm using up YEARS of stash.  I am constantly finding more things as I am searching through stuff.  A good example is years ago I fell in love with a blue stone Buddha and used in on a necklace.  I wanted some particular tiny metal bells for the bottom of it... 4 of them.  But to get four I had to buy 50 and now I'm going to find a way to use them...redemption at last.

Most years I wait too long to gather lavender but this year I'm right on target and spend most of the morning yesterday  in the heat cutting.

I let it soak up a goodly amount of water then I will bundle it and hang it in the barn to dry.  I love having it for hostess gifts through the winter.  Will cut more today..

The house smells divine.


Magpie's Mumblings said...

Wish I could handle having lavender around - I love it, but my allergies don't. Your necklaces are incredible one-of-a-kind pieces, especially with the addition of your lovely paintings. Wish I lived closer because I'd definitely volunteer to model them!!

Carol- Beads and Birds said...

Very nice jewelry. Your painted pieces are wonderful focals. I love lavendar and have it in the yard mostly because the bees love it, but like MA, I could never bring it in the house.
xx, Carol

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