Sweet peas and frog prince

The nicest thing about the intense heat  of late summer is that it makes you appreciate the coolness   of the early morning.  I pulled a mountain of pea vines that were spent and sat on the porch in my nightie and picked peas that I had missed...a lot of them....  and now the chickens will get the vines.  A most pleasant way to start the day as it will get to 95 degrees today.

If you notice that black thing on my left arm and thought it looked like a splint, it is indeed just that.  Friday morning I took a nasty fall on cement and bunged up my right leg and badly sprained my left wrist.  One-armed yoga for a while.

This week is going to be devoted to finishing two time consuming projects.  One will be finishing the new Etsy site and that will involve a LOT of photographing the necklaces and a LOT of time consuming photo editing and then there is all the description and detail work that Etsy requires.  This is the last piece I wanted to finish before I uploaded everything.

I loved doing frog princes on buttons and wanted to do at least one on a necklace.  I had originally thought green beads but have settled on gold and lots of it.. So about six necklaces, three  sets of earrings  and an odd pendant will evolve into a final listing.

Every so often I encounter a problem and start looking through the internet files.  As much chain as I want to use  will be bulky at the back of the neck so was looking for alternatives.  The most common are multiple lengths combined toward the back as in this necklace.

Another common solution  is the number of lengths stay the same but just the beads get smaller such as in this beautiful piece.

But I'm always cheering for the person that does something entirely out of the box...

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Carol- Beads and Birds said...

I've taken some spills myself this past year. I read a report that said the most common injuries of people over 65 are fall. I guess I qualify. Lovely jewelry. That Frog Prince is to die for.
xx, Carol

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